Mix – Prologue



Taeyeon made sure that her foot was laid firm on the pavement before taking another step,  digging her hands further in her jeans pocket for warmth.

She flinched as she felt the coldness of her car keys against her fingers, and she clutched them so tight that she could feel the metal embedding itself on her skin, sending pain signals towards her brain.

That was what she needed, badly. She needed to feel that she was alive and actually awake, not dazed nor dreaming.

She was shaken, like her soul was snatched from her body against her will before being thrown in the air, hollow and exposed for everyone to see and scrutinize.


The woman who had forced her to walk home; the woman who had made her feel intoxicated just by a single touch.

The name rolled off her lips so smoothly, like beer below zero, tasting almost as if water.

But as harmless as it sounded, it was anything but, for the alcohol that lay dormant because of the cold would eventually release its destructive effects once it clashes with warmth.

And like the DJ who had just stolen a fiery kiss from her just minutes ago, the after effects would be devastatingly addictive.





  1. I am pretty damn sure this is gonna be hella exciting to read. And a DJ, huh? Very interesting prologue, Steph.

    Good luck (again), and may the magnanimous force be with you. >:)

  2. Gonna start reading it, just started following this tonight since it’s night time in here. Lol, I’m blabbering nonsense.. Anyway, a dj huh? Nice


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